All prospective candidates are to read and sign acceptance of the following terms and conditions:
IRATA rope access courses are physically demanding and require a good level of fitness and suitable strength to
weight ratios
The course includes a large theoretical knowledge component and all material is supplied in English. Thus
prospective candidates must have a high school proficiency level of reading and speaking English in order to
complete the course.
Acceptance onto the course and training with the company does not guarantee a successful outcome.
This may only be achieved if the candidate is able to complete all physical lessons and the theoretical studying
requirements made of him or her during the training period and successfully completing the independent
assessment to the satisfaction of the independent assessor. If for physical reasons the candidate is unable to
complete the course he can be booked on another course and such training will be charged for.
The company trainer will make informed decisions regarding your performance during the training period and
may decline your participation in assessment if he feels that you are not sufficiently prepared for assessment at
the end of the training period.
The following could apply:
1. The trainer declines your eligibility to proceed to assessment in the initial training period. An additional
period of training time shall be recommended to you, which shall be offered at a suitable later time and
charged at discounted rates to you in order to assist you in preparing for a future assessment date.
2. A candidate, who is not permitted to continue with training or assessment at all, will be refunded the
costs of the assessor and registrations fees only.
3. Candidates who are allowed to proceed with assessment and are unfortunate to fail the assessment shall
be debriefed by the assessor and trainer as to the additional requirements that need to be undertaken in
order to re-assess at a later date.
Additional training time will be charged at discounted rates.
Candidates that do not accept the trainer’s recommendations and proceed with assessment shall in the event of
their failure have no recourse against the company or the trainer.
Course fees are payable in full at least 7 days prior to the start date of the course. Failure to settle outstanding
amounts by this time could result in loss of place and forfeit of the deposit paid.


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