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With our background and operational ability’s we are pleased to announce the formation of ASC's Offshore Fall Arrest and Safety Services. With this in mind we have now formed an alliance with Capital Safety, the world’s leading manufacturers of Safety equipment (SALA) to supply, Install and annually inspect fall arrest safety equipment.

The emphasis on safety and the promotion of safe working practices are demonstrated in our on-site operations and are governed by a clearly defined system of pre-job Risk Assessment and Safety Analysis.

In addition we are, dedicated to offering a quality rope access Service to the offshore oil industry.  Our Team Leaders continually assess all aspects of safety on a constant basis, thus ensuring that our clients benefit from our dedication in achieving a Safe Working situation, every day and everywhere, especially when their workforce are Working at Height.

Finally, with continuous series of audits, internal reviews and regular safety meetings it allow us to continually monitor and improve our quality procedures and performance, in principle and in practice throughout all ASC's Offshore projects.

Our Services Include:

  • Working at Height Safety Training.
  • Rescue from Height & Vertical Confined Space.
  • Rig Safety Audits.
  • Installation of Vertical & Horizontal systems.
  • Annual Inspection & Servicing of systems & Equipment.
  • Training POB in correct use of Safety equipment.

For in-depth information appertaining to Fall Arrest & Safety at Height, contact us .

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