Due to their exposure to the elements, wind turbines require regular inspection and maintenance.

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The use of rope access equipment and techniques is by far the most cost-effective and efficient way to undertake maintenance of wind turbines with the combination of high wind limitations and rigorous safety requirements for levels of qualification and self-sufficient rescue plan as part of the SOP.

The range of tasks that rope access is ideally suited for include:

Tower Servicing

• Internal and external inspection and cleaning

• Construction assembly support

• Tower flange sealing

• Dent removal

• Torque testing and replacement of landing bolts

• Bus bar inspections

• Maintenance and inspection of fall arrest systems

• Weld inspection (NDT)

• Coating repair


Blade Servicing

• External inspection

• Laminate and coating repair

• Construction assembly support

• Inspection and installation of lightning protection systems

• Repair, installation and replacement of polyurethane coating

• External cleaning with pressured water


ASC provides the skills necessary for this task in accordance with the IRATA International guidance document for wind turbines.

Download PDF Application of rope access methods in the construction, inspection, repair and maintenance of wind turbines

Wind Energy Wind Energy

Wind Energy


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