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Inspect Your Helmet

Petzl Helmet Inspection

Check your PPE regularly for age or damage. The helmet protects what is arguably the most important organ, your brain, from damage – and should be in good condition before undertaking any form of work.

As part of preparing for any job, check your helmet for any obvious signs of damage.

If you spot any damage or degradation, quarantine the helmet – rather be safe than sorry. Get a competent person to examine it.

Report any exceptional event such as a fall, extreme temperature, or modification to the helmet right away.

Check the helmet is still under guarantee, look for the serial number. On a Petzl helmet, the first 2 digits indicate the year of manufacture.

Check the shell, liner, cradle (webbing), headband, adjustment system and chin strap for damage and functionality.

For more detailed information, visit the Petzl Website.

Be safe and inspect your PPE regularly.